Parenting & Family Seminars


Parenting:  Tools of the Trade

We have been strategically placed in the lives of our children by God-- on purpose. That purpose is to help them grow toward maturity, to help them to be able to run the race of life. And just as God has given us purpose, He has also provided every parent with certain tools to help us accomplish that purpose.

In this seminar Mike and Becky examine the "tools" that every parent possesses and help parents evaluate how we use them to impact the hearts of our kids.

Parenting: Tools of the Trade is taught in two separate seminars covering the following topics:

Seminar I

Tool # 1:  Our Relationship

  • Not Just a Clanging Gong
  •  Emotional Safety
  •  Understanding
  •  Acceptance
  •  Enjoyment  


Seminar II 

Tool #2:  Our Expectations  Connecting Our Expectations to What Our Kids Need to Make It.

Tool #3:  Our Model  Drawing Our Kids to What We Have By How We Live

Tool #4:  Opportunities  When Teachable Moments are Also Heated Moments



The Generations Retreat

Navigating the teenage years can be a daunting challenge. In this fun-filled and educational weekend retreat, parents and teenagers will learn alongside one another while having a blast. The weekend includes lots of great information, taught through fun activities that will help you and your children bond with one another.

Portions of the weekend contain breakout sessions for parents, while teenagers participate in recreational activities. This is a great opportunity to get away with your teenagers and you're sure to take home valuable lessons that will improve daily life together.