Firm Foundation Marriage Series give participants the opportunity to explore some to the most common issues that impact the quality of our married life. These groups typically meet on a weekly basis for five weeks.


One of a Kind Us (Growing Together in Our Personality Differences)

Similarities are important to a marriage. It is easy to understand and accept those aspects of our spouse we can relate to. However, the depth of our relationship depends on the degree to which we understand, accept, and care for our differences.

In this series, Mike and Becky help couples understand different aspects of personality, as well as specific ways that we can deepen our connection through our differences.

The personality teaching series covers the following topics:

  • How We Communicate
  • How We Recharge
  • How We Make Decisions
  • How We Connect
  • How We Order Our World



Decoding Conflict

The key to conflict resolution lies in our ability to create understanding. Our conflicts do not go unresolved because we are a flawed couple, unable to work through our issues.  Most conflicts go unresolved because of a lack of understanding.

In this series, Mike and Becky discuss three of the most common mistakes couples make that keep them from having clarity in conflict. They will also equip couples with the skills and tools needed help create a shared approach to conflict.

The Decoding Conflict series covers the following topics:

  •  Is your heart in it?  Examining core beliefs about conflict.
  •  Understanding conflict styles
  •  Making it personal
  •  Timing is everything.
  •  From distortion to clarity: communication through filters



 Building a Firm Foundation: The Early Years

You're married and moving into your first place. Whether you rent or buy, it is yours. It is the beginning of you as a married couple. And as you unpack all your stuff you are creating your own style, your look as a couple. While it is a wonderful thing, it can be a little challenging.  Even more challenging is the fact that we are also unpacking some things we do not even see.

We all come into marriage with some "boxes" filled with expectations and normals that we may not even realize until we get into the day to day of married life.  What we "unpack" and how we "unpack" them will greatly impact our sense of being in it together as a couple.

In this series, Mike and Becky walk engaged and early married couples through the process of "unpacking" their expectations and beliefs about marriage.

Building a Firm Foundation: The Early Years series covers the following topics:

  • Shaping our identity:  We're in it together.
  • Unpacking our "normals."
  • Unpacking our conflict styles.
  • Developing a shared approach to conflict.
  • Moving from a single to married mentality: Protecting our relationship.