If you are reading this right now, you are thinking about marriage counseling.  May we encourage you by saying that you are not alone?

Most couples experience a season in their lives where they realize things could be better in their marriage. Sometimes this comes to light after a crisis, but often it is realized as a gradual drifting apart caused from hurt and misunderstanding. At some point in their marriage, most couples could use a little help in reaching understanding and learning how to reconnect and care for one another's heart.   

Some couples who are in this place look around at other couples in their life and see that many of them are in the same boat.  They write their situation off as this is "just how it is", and they settle.  Others, however, realize that God has so much more than the norm for them- that He has come to bring them life (and marriage) to the full! And they take the steps necessary to choose life for their marriage.

Please be willing to choose that path.  Being in need of counseling does not mean that you have failed in your marriage. It is never too late for God to work in your relationship. 

What to Expect

  • Often couples are hesitant to seek counseling because they fear they will be seen at the "one to blame."  Blame does not allow us to resolve anything. Our approach is not to take sides, but to reach understanding.  We will always take the side of your marriage.
  • We believe that is important for both the husband and wife to be able to share their perspective, and that it is equally important for them to understand each other's perspective. Therefore, we do marriage counseling with the couple, and not individually.
  • We meet with couples weekly for one hour sessions.  There is no set number of sessions, as that will vary based on the situation each couple is dealing with.

 So, whether you are feeling a bit stuck and need a little help in moving forward to something more, or whether you are at a very difficult place in your relationship, we would be honored to walk beside you as you seek something more for your marriage. 

For more information, or to schedule an appointment please contact us.