Welcome to Firm Foundation Ministries

There are few things in life with more hope and promise than a wedding.  Two people who have found the person with whom they are choosing to spend the rest of their life. How big is this?  She is wearing the most expensive piece of clothing she will ever own--and she will wear it only once!  He has to rent his attire because nothing he has comes even close to being worthy of the occasion.  They are bringing two lives together to become one--they are becoming a family. And they are bursting with promise, hope, and good intentions.

And so it begins.  But have you ever noticed in talking with  couples down the road in married life,  they no longer express that same sense of promise and hope? Why is that?  Are they bad people in a flawed marriage? No.  It is usually because couples do not fully understand what it takes to live out their good intentions in the day to day happenings of life.

Here is the good news--even though we may not fully understand how to live out our good intentions in caring for the heart of our spouse, God does. And He never leaves us in the dark. He created marriage and knows how it works best. His desire is that we put His truths into practice in our relationship.

Firm Foundation Ministry was founded by the husband and wife team of Mike and Becky Qualls for the purpose of equipping couples with an understanding of God's heart toward marriage.  Through their teaching series, seminars, and retreats, Mike and Becky approach common issues in marriage with humor and humility. They use role plays and share stories to communicate truths and equip couples with very practical tools to help them live out God's design for their relationship.  Mike and Becky also offer marriage counseling and premarital counseling, as well as parenting seminars. 


Current And Upcoming Events:

Febuary 11-12, 2017  Put a Little More Fun in Your Marriage! Recharge Marriage Retreat with Lee's Summit Community Church at Lodge of the Four Season's, Lake Ozark, MO 

April 21-22, 2017  Family Retreat with Lakeland Community Church, Lee's Summit, MO.  

April 23 - May 21, 2017  Sunday morning teaching series: Decoding Conflict. 10:30 service Lakeland Community Church, 913 NE Colburn Rd, Lee's Summit, MO.

Summer 2017 Wednesday evening parenting series. The Fellowship of Greenwood, Greenwood, MO.  More information TBA