About Us

Firm Foundation Ministries is a full time teaching and counseling ministry committed to strengthening marriages and families. It began in 2000 with the passion of Mike and Becky Qualls to show couples what God can do in the lives of those who apply His truths to their marriage.

The goal of our teaching series, seminars and retreats is to unpack specific truths about how we care for the heart of our marriage and family in very practical and useable ways. Our goal isn't to split an atom or unlock a mystery of the ages. Our goal is to help couples recognize the moments in marriage and family life that make a difference and take advantage of them in order to care for the relationships that God has given them. 

Our desire is to do this with humility. Why? Because marriage has so many challenges that are common to all of us. There is no perfect couple. But, in humility we can all learn and grow.

Our desire is to do this with a bit of humor. Why? Because we are not perfect. If we can see the humor in these common themes of marriage we can be open to growth, to new things.

Our desire is to bring God's truth to life through the use of role plays and the sharing of stories.  Many of the stories are our own.  

Our focus is on what God's truths look like and sound like when applied to caring for the hearts of our spouse and our children.

With over 40 years of combined experience in ministering to children, adolescents, couples and families, Mike and Becky have a heart for helping people experience true joy in life.

The Qualls have been married since 1986. Mike is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and Becky has a B.S. in Social Welfare. They reside in Lee's Summit, Missouri with their sons, Taylor and Tanner.